The Sociopath

So, most people either love or hate Donald Trump.

The people that have created this video are not exactly happy about his rise in the Republicans ranks, nor are they happy about the alt-right that has risen up around him.

There are discussions to be had about what the Republican Party can expect in the coming months and years.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this video, as well as what you see as the challenges to the GOP once November 8th has passed.

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I just watched it, but I watched it as a member of the choir. I’m trying to figure out whether it’s worth sending the link to my dad, who inexplicably (to me, as he is the man who taught me to be an informed, critical thinker) supports Trump. I’ve even sent him McMullin information. I could care less if he votes for Clinton; I’ll be deeply disappointed if he votes for Trump.


I would encourage everyone to watch the whole thing but especially start at like 35:30 when it gets to talking about nuclear weapons.

It’s not so much that he would go off the handle and push the button, it’s that his insane levels of ignorance and arrogance would lead to proliferation around the world and some of those people would be likely to go off the handle and push the button.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

One certainty among the turmoil is that sociopath Trump will be declaring victory three days from now. The only unknown, in event of a loss, is what that victory or victories will be. He’s certainly laid groundwork to claim victory in exposing the system as rigged. The silver lining of a Trump loss should be that Trump sped the demise of the southern strategy in making it transparent and taking it national at an opportune time—soon in advance of its demographic obsolescence. The demographic obsolescence of 2012 went unheeded prior to it being soundly rejected by the Trump nomination. The… Read more »