SurveyUSA Poll Shows Substantial Lead for Trump in Georgia

A poll of likely Georgia voters taken last week prior to the revelation that there could be additional evidence in the Hillary Clinton email case shows Republican Donald Trump leading Democrat Clinton by seven points, 49% to 42%. Libertarian Gary Johnson has 3%, and 6% are undecided.

Comparing the poll results to those taken by SurveyUSA in late July, it appears more Republicans are voting against Clinton as opposed to voting for Trump. In July, that split was 60% to 38%, now, only 52% are voting pro-Trump, while 46% are anti Clinton. On the Democratic site of the aisle, 63% of Clinton voters are voting pro-Clinton, while 33% are anti Trump. In July, that number was 68% to 26%. Clinton voters are more enthusiastic about their candidate than Trump voters, 67% to 58%.

For 87% of Republicans, Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails are important to consider in the election, compared to only 28% of Democrats. However, 88% of Democrats think that the non-release of Trump’s income taxes is significant, compared to 14% of Republicans. As slightly smaller number of Democrats, 85%, say Trump’s history with women is important, compared with 15% of Republicans.


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