New Poll Shows Trump and Isakson Leading in Georgia

Landmark Communications just released new Georgia polling that shows Republican Donald Trump leading Democrat Hillary Clinton by 5.5 percentage points, and Republican Johnny Isakson leading Democrat Jim Barksdale by 13.6 points. The poll was taken Tuesday and Wednesday using 1,400 likely Georgia voters. The margin of error is 2.7%

IN the presidential race, Trump had 47.8%, while Clinton had 42.3%. Libertarian Gary Johnson had 4.3%, and 5.6% were undecided. Trump was favored by each age group, with the strongest support from those 65 and over. Trump pulls the support of 12.3% of African Americans, while Hillary Clinton is favored by 9.7% of Republicans. Independents are almost evenly split between Trump and Clinton, at 34% for Trump and 35% for Clinton.

The Senate race shows Isakson at just over 50%, at 50.4%. Barksdale has 36.8% support, while Libertarian Allen Buckley has 5.0. 7.8% remain undecided. That Isakson is over 50% is important. If he can stay above 50%, that will avoid a January runoff. Isakson has over 50% support in every age group except for 18-39 year olds where he has 45.6% support. Isakson has the support of 16% of African Americans, and is in the lead among independents, 41.9% to 27.1%.

“The biggest difference between Trump and Isakson’s numbers is among female voters,” said Jordan Fuchs, Landmark Vice President. “Senator Isakson leads among women by one percentage point (44-43%), while Trump is losing among women voters by nine percentage points (40-49%). It appears that the Barksdale campaign has grinded to a halt, while Senator Isakson’s campaign has solidified his vote. If this trend continues, Senator Isakson will win reelection by a double digit margin.”

Behold, the crosstabs.



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