NPR Moves Georgia from Lean Republican to Tossup

The Friday release of a tape of Republican candidate Donald Trump bragging about his groping and kissing women has led NPR to revise its projected electoral college map, and move Georgia from Lean R to Tossup. NPR is also moving Ohio and Iowa into tossup territory, along with one electoral vote from Nebraska and Maine. Their current projected electoral college vote is 272 for Clinton, 163 for Trump, with 103 tossups.

Polling could change even more based on the results of Sunday night’s debate, and as the impact of the revelations about Trump’s behavior set in. As NPR puts it, “We won’t know for a week at least from polling how exactly all this sets in. How Trump performs Sunday night could either tamp down the flames — or, if Trump brings up Bill Clinton’s past infidelities and attacks Hillary Clinton for them, cause a backdraft never seen before in presidential politics.”


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