Senate Passes Bill To Fund US Government Through December 9th

Senate Democrats have dropped their opposition to a funding bill averting a potential government shutdown Friday.  The House is expected to pass a similar measure later today.  CNN provides key details:

After weeks of negotiation and stalemate, the bill ended up getting broad support, passing 72-26, after both parties agreed to approve $220 million for Flint, Michigan, to respond to the lead poisoning in its water supply.

The bill included $1.1 billion for Zika, $500 million for flooding in Louisiana and other states, and $37 million for opioid addiction.

Senator Isakson forwarded the following regarding the extension:

“Today I voted in support of critical funding for our veterans, our military and the mothers and babies who so desperately need the important research to help treat and prevent the Zika virus. This measure also keeps the government open and running and funds many, many more important priorities for our country. We can have our differences on many issues, but the issues included in this funding measure are too important to play political games with.

“Once again, we find ourselves required to quickly pass yet another temporary funding measure up against yet another end-of-the-fiscal-year deadline to avoid a government shutdown. Setting budget priorities and cutting wasteful spending weren’t even part of the discussion. I am extremely disappointed that Senate Democrats have put us in this position by obstructing and blocking votes on critical funding measures for the better part of this year.

“One thing is clear: Washington has a spending problem, and it is urgent that our nation’s capital get its fiscal house in order. My biennial budgeting plan is a strong step toward fixing this broken process. It is an idea whose time has come, because governing by the threat of shutdown is no way to run a country.”

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