Morning Reads for Monday, September 26

The delightfully weird lead-up to Gnarl Barkley’s “Crazy,” one of three perfect pop songs of the last decade. Whole album is worth a listen


Two people showing kindness to one another. 2016 is gonna get worse before it gets better; let's remember this.

Two people showing kindness to one another. 2016 will  get worse before it gets better; let’s breathe for a second and remember this.

Here Be Dragons

  • A Pennsylvania King who had some success in Augusta has died
  • Even more heartbreaking is the death of Jose Fernandez, Cuban refugee, American citizen, Miami Marlins ace, and soon-to-be father. He’s worth reading about. He inspired love in many. Would that we all do.
  • 3.5 million Americans rose out of poverty last year, another way in which America is increasingly estranged from its political rhetoric
  • The Charlotte Police Department released dash cam and body camera video from the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. While mandatory curfews have been lifted, the truth of his death remains obscure.
  • Les Miles is out at LSU, and college football is a little bit less magical without its luckier-than-Forrest-Gump coach
  • Obama will likely face his first veto override regarding a bill that allows families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia. There are fascinating questions of sovereign immunity and foreign policy here.
  • In praise of ballot selfies (and why banning them might be unconstitutional)
  • Blaming the decline in new American start-ups on big business
  • There will be a debate. It will be ridiculous, as they always are. This one will be particularly ridiculous. Let’s not make this any worse than necessary.

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