Half of Georgians View Trump, Hillary Unfavorably; Trump Up 45%-42%

Hillary Clinton remains within the margin of error of Donald Trump’s lead in Georgia. The con artist has a three-point lead over Clinton taking 45% of the vote to her 42% according to the latest poll from Monmouth University. Gary Johnson has a whopping eight percent of the support of those polled, and only five percent of Georgians are undecided.

Most tellingly, 50% of Georgians view Trump unfavorably and 56% view Clinton unfavorably.

From the press release announcing the poll’s findings:

“There has been some talk of Georgia becoming part of a demographic realignment in presidential politics. However, Clinton is not quite making the needed inroads among young white voters to take the lead here,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute. According to the 2008 National Election Pool exit poll, 98% of black voters and 23% of white Monmouth University Polling Institute 9/19/16 2 voters in Georgia supported Obama that year, when he lost the state by 5 points. There was no exit poll in 2012.

Johnny Isakson is predicted to win 50% of the vote to Jim Barksdale’s 34%.

The full results are here (PDF). 


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