No, Hating Trump Is Not Enough Turn Georgia Blue

As we ride the final third of the poop-flume that 2016 has been, let’s look forward to the end. The good news is that there are fewer than 60 days left until the worst Presidential Election in history is over. We need only endure the season of speculation the time when second-guessing the polls passes for news and desperate hopes are projected onto an uncertain future by people who really should just close their eyes and think of Thanksgiving.

The most current desperate hope is that Georgia may “turn blue” if Hillary Clinton can rise up from her sickbed long enough to capture Georgia’s 16 electoral votes. Nick Fouriezos, formerly of the AJC, is a bright whippersnapper who doesn’t think so:

“Georgia is not going to vote for a Democratic president this election cycle. Now I understand how one could believe otherwise and, if I’m wrong, I’m prepared to take my words, drop them in my mason jar and swallow them down with a healthy swig of humility. But as a lifelong Georgian who’s the son and grandson of Georgians, it’s just not going to happen — not in my backyard.

…while Democrats believe that population boom will lead to more souls to the polls, Republicans are skeptical. Who will show up this election who didn’t show in 2008, when Barack Obama was a history-making candidate but John McCain won here by 5 points? Or even two years ago, when much of the same drums were beat, and yet Democrats suffered a major blowout?”

So Fouriezos doesn’t think Georgia goes for Hillary this cycle, but I’ll take it one step further: Even if Hillary Henry Harrison wins Georgia’s electoral votes, the state won’t be blue. With Republicans holding every both US Senate seats, 10 of the 14 seats in the US House, every statewide office, and with overwhelming majorities in the State House and Senate, it’s hard to argue that Georgia can be “blue” in any meaningful sense.


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