NYT Upshot: Trump Has a 68% Chance of Winning Georgia

For those horse race aficionados, the FiveThirtyEight state by state analysis of the presidential race has offered minute-by-minute updates on the presidential race in Georgia. Now comes the Upshot from the New York Times, offering its take on both the presidential and senate races in the Peach State.

60 days out from Election Day, the Upshot gives Donald Trump a 68% chance of winning Georgia, and Johnny Isakson a 94% chance of defeating Jim Barksdale. Nationwide, the model gives Hillary Clinton an 81% chance of winning the presidency. The Polls forecast by FiveThirtyEight is close to the Upshot, with a 69.6% chance of a Trump Peach State victory. Its Polls Plus forecast, which takes into account historical trends, is more optimistic, with an 80% chance of a Trump win. Nationally, the Polls Plus forecast gives Hillary a 67.6% chance of being able to stick out her tongue as she passes by the Trump International Hotel on Inauguration Day,.


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