Hillary buys air time in Georgia, take a look:

Georgia Democrats have been clamoring that Georgia needs to be considered among North Carolina and Virginia as states worthy of investment. After polls showing that she is running close here, Hillary Clinton may have been convinced. The campaign is running the following ad showing veterans and Gold Star parents watching Donald Trump’s remarks.

Georgia has the 9th most veterans. And it stands to reasons that many more people in Georgia know or are related to a veteran than other states.* Trump has made his appeal to veterans a cornerstone of his campaign, which is why an erosion of that foundation could spell difficulty. This ad reminds voters of what has been Trump’s least successful period during the campaign: the Democratic convention and his statements regarding the parents of the fallen soldier that spoke. It will be interesting to see how this ad buy affects Georgia’s numbers.

* Where are veterans least prevalent (as a percentage of the state’s population), you ask? New York and New Jersey.


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