Atlanta Named Top City for Startups

A recent study by names Atlanta as the best city for founding a business.

The study was based on the evolving priorities of start-up owners. According to the article, most studies only consider a few traditional factors when determining the best startup locations, chiefly the quality of both the startups and funding already available in the area.  However, Teleport’s study took into account the evolving needs of a good start-up location.

Teleport’s list included the classic qualities of what is considered a good founding location:

  • Lively startup scene
  • Low cost of living
  • Low pollution
  • High safety
  • Simple taxes

It also took into account some more specific qualities:

  • Venture capital score
  • Rent rates (both home and office)
  • Web speed
  • Lack of labor restrictions
  • Airport accessibility
  • Time it takes to open a business (amount of bureaucracy)

When researchers considered all of these factors, Atlanta comes out on top, followed closely by Chicago, Berlin, Dallas, and Bengaluru. The study breaks down each major criteria, available here.


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