AP Rates GA Lean Republican, Gives Grim Outlook for Trump

Georgia continues to be in play for Hillary Clinton according to the Associated Press. 

The wire service updated its forecast for the presidential race and Trump remains on course to be slaughtered.

AZ, MO, UT(!) and Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District are the other leans republican parts of the country.

For Donald Trump, the electoral map is as daunting as it is friendly to Clinton. To win, he must sweep all of the toss-up battlegrounds and go on to pick off at least one state where the Democratic nominee now has a solid lead.

That’s according to an Associated Press analysis of the map as it stands today, with 78 days until Election Day.

The analysis considers preference polling, recent electoral history, demographic trends and campaign priorities such as advertising, travel and on-the-ground staff.

It finds that to capture the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House, Clinton must merely defend traditionally Democratic states and those where recent polls show she has large advantages, and then add just one of the states that The Associated Press now rates as a toss-up.

Trump supporters will assuredly still continue the greatest act of partisan delusion in a generation by insisting that not only is all data wrong, the degree to which they believe it is wrong is so great all of polling science would be upended.


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