Perdue poised for Trump cabinet?

Is Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump considering Georgia’s junior Senator as part of his cabinet? Maybe.

Because outsiders who are actually insiders band together, or something.

The Hill reports that several Republican senators are among the short list for potential cabinet officers should Donald Trump be elected in November:

One Republican senator said Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.), who served in chief executive positions at Reebok and Dollar General, would be a strong candidate for secretary of the Commerce Department. Perdue’s 2014 Senate campaign, in which he ran as a business-savvy outsider, served as inspiration to Trump’s White House bid.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution echoed the rumor:

Another name circulating is Republican Sen. David Perdue, Trump’s highest-profile surrogate in Georgia and a former Fortune 500 chief executive. The word from the National Journal is that Perdue, who ran for office as a business-savvy outsider, is being considered as a possible Secretary of Commerce.

Perdue has been especially vocal about the need to elect Donald Trump, stumping for him at the Georgia Republican Convention and previously noting the two have much in common.

The speculation comes alongside considerable ‘what if’s,’ but should Trump win in November, it would mean Georgia would have a fresh, already needed shot at a new United State Senator.


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