Georgia GOP Chair Calls for Hank Johnson’s Resignation

In response to 4th District Representative Hank Johnson’s remarks that compared Jewish settlers in the West Bank to a stream of Termites, Georgia GOP Chairman John Padgett called for the congressman’s resignation.

Thanks to President Obama’s failed leadership and reckless foreign policy, our relationship with Israel is strained. Congressman Hank Johnson’s comments were wildly offensive and undermine efforts to strengthen ties with our closest friend and greatest ally. Time and time again, Rep. Johnson has proven himself to be an embarrassment to our state. He should resign from public office immediately and allow a public servant with a heart for Israel to take his place.

Since making the remarks Monday afternoon, Johnson has undergone considerable criticism. Today, he issued this statement:

We must work to promote policies that support a two-state solution and encourage trust between both sides,” said Congressman Johnson. The congressman regrets his comments. He did not intend to insult or speak derogatorily of Israelis or the Jewish people. When using the metaphor of termites, the Congressman was referring to the corrosive process, not the people. “Poor choice of words – I meant no offense. The point is settlement activity has slowly and deliberately undermined Palestinian land claims.

Johnson faced no challengers in the May primary. He will face Republican Victor Armendariz in November.


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