Mayors Reed & Franklin, Stacey Abrams Highlight Georgians at Democratic Convention

The GOP Convention, warts and all, is mercifully over. And on Monday the Democrats begin their quadrennial ritual of formalizing their nominee for POTUS.

Georgia Democrats, in contrast to the Republicans, will have several high-profile positions at their convention. (Governor Deal was the most prominent Georgia Republican, speaking on a panel about criminal justice reform).

Former mayor Shirley Franklin is the co-chair of the Democrats’ Platform Committee while House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams is going to kick off Monday night’s events with a prime-time speech. She precedes FLOTUS and Senator Sanders. So, basically, Abrams is better than those two. Abrams is also a Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official member of the Rules Committee and Rev. Cynthia Hale is vice-chair of the Platform Committee.

On Thursday, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was announced as one of the elected officials who was added to the speakers list for the convention. There’s no information about his speech.

Erstwhile gubernatorial hopeful Jason Carter will introduce a video from his granddaddy on Tuesday.

“From Party leaders to elected officials to dedicated activists, we’re sending an all-star group with diverse voices and backgrounds—yet another reason why Georgia will stand apart from the crowd,” Democratic Party of Georgia Executive Director Rebecca DeHart said in a statement to GAPol.

We would be remiss to not point out that Jimmy Carter is a Superdelegate, as is Louis Elrod, the President of the Young Democrats of Georgia. DPG chair DuBose Porter is the chair of the Georgia Delegation. First Vice-Chair Nikema Williams is an unpledged delegate and we’re told “will play a prominent role in Philly.”

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I can only expect the Democrats to laud the coronation of Hillary. Any word on if Bernie will be the crown bearer shouting “Get off my lawn.”?

Lea Thrace
Lea Thrace

I do not get this “coronation” angle by Bernie supporters or Republicans. I am not a fan of hers but more people voted for her than voted for Bernie or O’Malley or whoever the other other guy was (i cant remember.) How is that coronation? Sure she had/has a massive machine backing her, but the woman has been preparing and running for this position for years now. I would have been more surprised if there hadnt been a machine behind her.

Andrew C. Pope
Andrew C. Pope

Hahahahahaha, ’cause Bernie is old! Good one.

I think there will be considerably less chaos than this week’s RNC. 1) It’s hard to be “less competent” than what the GOP put on. 2) The Democrats don’t have to perform any mental gymnastics to support Clinton. 3) Trump’s speech (which I’m sure sounded better in its original German) drove home the importance of uniting behind Hillary.


Heard HRC on the radio today. Unless we have totally disassociated from rationality, she will kick his a$$. She is very good at this.
“I want to build bridges, not walls”.
“We fought a revolution because someone else said “only I can fix this!”.
“He said he would be your voice, but he is not the voice of those workers who want to join a union in his hotel. He is not the voice of all the small businesses who have suffered when he stiffed them.”

This is gonna be interesting.


Shouldn’t Bill Campbell also be part of that august delegation?


Does his probation allow him to travel?