Happy Birthday, Will Kremer

It’s that time again. Today is Will Kremer’s birthday. Will became our second intern over at the old place just under two years ago, after I introduced him to Charlie one day when we had lunch at Ann’s Snack Bar. Will couldn’t finish his ghettoburger, but Charlie brought him aboard anyway. After we started GeorgiaPol, Will became a regular contributor, doing the Monday Morning Reads and offering occasional commentary.

Will’s interest in politics has taken him from starting a College Republicans chapter at Georgia Gwinnett College, to becoming statewide chair of the CRs, to serving as a legislative aide to Rep. Trey Kelley of Cedartown, to waging his own race last year to replace Rep. Mark Hamilton.

During this year’s presidential race, Will’s opposition to Donald Trump became so widely known, that it earned a nickname:

So maybe it’s ironic that Trump will accept his nomination to become the GOP nominee for President of the United States on the evening of Will’s birthday. And maybe it’s fitting that Will be about as far away as possible while still in the United States, celebrating in Alaska, and avoiding the convention festivities.

Y’all take time to wish him a happy birthday.


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