A Very Manuel’s Start To A Very Manuel’s Future

Brian Maloof, owner of Manuel’s Tavern and son of the late Manuel Maloof, has issued an open invitation for patrons to join their family and staff in blessing Atlanta’s sacred watering hole before it reopens in the coming weeks.

The invitation was too good to not share.

From their Facebook feed:

An open invitation,

Monday July 25th a small group of returning employees is scheduled to work. Our job is too redecorate the bar area. On that day we’re going to start putting stuff back on the walls.

At 10 o’clock that morning Father Azar, the priest from our family church is going to conduct the business blessing. Any friend of the tavern that wants to participate in the blessing and be present is clearly welcome. ( unfortunately you can’t participate in the decoration. It’s still a construction site. Insurance won’t allow it.)

This blessing is my life separated from the tavern but very much a guiding part of what gives the tavern character and feel. Manuel and Robert both had deep faith. My grandparents participated daily in faithful practices. They were founding members of our Middle Eastern Catholic Church on Ponce.

Manuel and Robert had an Integrity about them, a character about them and a love expressed through them that they learned..They learned these attractive characteristics by practicing their faith.

This blessing is to honor God, Manuel and Robert, my grandparents, my entire family, the employees, the customers, the community that supports us and the city that we call home. The blessing is a beautiful reminder for me about where my gifts flow from.. It’s a blessing for all of us that walk into that building..It brings me comfort, Joy, peace and strength. If you participate I hope it does the same for you

In case you’re curious it’s going to be a middle eastern Orthodox Catholic Cristian blessing. It includes incense, holy water and religious icons. It will be conducted in English with a little Latin thrown in and maybe even some Arabic to honor our heritage..

We still won’t be open.. there won’t be any food and there won’t be any beverages but water.

“Anybody Don’t Like This Life is Crazy.” – Manuel Maloof


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