One Brick at a Time: Rebuilding the House of the People in Paulding County

In a county where the good old boys have dominated local politics, where public trust mirrors that of the Nation’s trust in the Federal Government, and where plans to develop a commercial passenger service at the county’s airport has divided a people, one man has a message of unity for his politically grief stricken county.

Paulding County resident and local activist Jason Anavitarte recently wrote an appropriately named column, The house of the people is being rebuilt in Paulding, which focuses on how after eight years of failed policies, the people of Paulding County are ready to move forward with new leadership in their local government. As Mr. Anavitarte points out:

“The last several years have seen a distrust of government building as elected officials bully citizens, as official government actions have taken place in secrecy, we have seen our local chamber of commerce fall apart because of lack of leadership at its helm, and a lack of direction of what our charted course should be for growing our economy.”

Other issues have included a county manager that misused county tax dollars and apparently attacked citizens. Then there is the secret airport deal, which has been at the heart of controversy in Paulding County, becoming a major topic in the local elections as well as causing schisms amongst the community.

Now the community is unifying as the necessity of electing new leadership for their county has become incredibly apparent.  Despite the desire of a select few trying to hold on to power, and to the people’s dismay, still trying to play politics and carry on with business as usual, the winds of change cannot be stopped as the people move from division to coalition.

Regardless of all the negative actions and consequences, Mr. Anavitarte makes it a point to show that things are looking up for Paulding County. With a new, and long awaited, water reservoir, a new WellStar Hospital, and transportation improvements all on the way, Paulding County is going from stagnation to innovation.

In closing, Mr. Anavitarte only has a message of camaraderie for his fellow citizens. With a desire for his local leaders to work together and for everyone to the end the blame game, he asserts it’s time to let the past be the past and for his community to fixate its eyes firmly on the future and wellbeing of Paulding County.

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