Three Jack on Board

The blogger formerly known as Three Jack has been invited to join the gang at Georgia Pol. Howdy, my name is Bart Brannon and I am very appreciative to Charlie for this opportunity to join a great group.

First let me explain the moniker Three Jack which I have used for many years now. It came from a Dan Jenkins book titled, “The Money-Whipped Steer-Job Three-Jack Give Up Artist” about a journeyman golfer trying to make the Ryder Cup team. I chose the Three Jack nickname because the book is great and my putting exploits have left me on the losing end of a round all too often.

I used to be heavily involved in local Republican Party activities, even ran for a county commission seat a decade or so ago (3rd place of 3 candidates, I guess I showed them…). I eventually realized that my political views on many subjects did not match those promoted by the local GOP so I decided to resign my post as Cherokee County Vice Chairman.

Since then I have enjoyed the freedom to actually choose who I support based on fiscal issues without regard to party affiliation. Thus I have cast ballots with a mix of votes for candidates of all persuasions including even voting for a democrat a few years ago.

I am a native Georgian born in Atlanta then living in Cobb County other than a 4 year stint serving in the US Navy aboard an aircraft carrier in the early 80s. My greatest influences growing up were my grandfather who taught me about responsibility and a strong work ethic, Lewis Grizzard who provided perspective on what it means to be from the south and Ronald Reagan who saved this country from Jimmy Carter and the ‘misery index’ (along with giving the military including myself a significant pay raise upon taking office in 1981). I am an avid reader and like all types of books (the paper type, not something on a screen) from Brad Thor to Brene Brown. Also a huge sports fan who has endured the many heartbreaking seasons provided by Atlanta / Georgia teams but still hold out hope for a championship from one of them in my lifetime.

I look forward to expressing opinions on topics of the day and hearing from all the pundits visiting Cheers Y’all!


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