Happy Birthday, Charlie

Make Charlie 29It’s that time of year again. Time to wish a happy birthday to our publisher, Charlie Harper, sometimes known as Icarus Pundit. Over the last year, Charlie started this blog, and got our contributors moved from the old place to here. He finds things that should be posted here, and gently nudges us to get them online. He’s our own resident curmudgeon.

But, there’s more to Charlie than being the GeorgiaPol overlord. He runs PolicyBest. He makes appearances on Atlanta’s Channel 11. He’s a frequent speaker and political meetings, where tries to explain how the Base is really the Establishment, and why they are all a bunch of RINOs. He travels around the state doing … stuff. And in the fall, he spends his Saturdays at Sanford Stadium, cheering on the Dawgs.

Take a moment and join me and the rest of our ragtag contributors in wishing Charlie a happy birthday, and hoping the next year brings him everything he deserves asks for.


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