No Good Deed shall go Unpunished

In the aftermath of the shootings in Orlando several Chik-fil-A franchises in the city provided food on a Sunday, when they are normally closed, to the citizens waiting in line to give blood. This seemingly compassionate act has drawn the wrath of the liberal press and produced the following sensational headline:

The dark truth behind America’s most beloved fast-food chain

According to Alex Orlov of Mic Network Inc that dark truth in the past is

…Chick-fil-A has a not-so-harmonious relationship with LGBTQ communities. Current president and CEO Dan Cathy made a series of comments condemning same-sex marriage on a national talk show in 2012, when he was the company’s COO.

It surprising that having religious beliefs and principles and expressing them publicly constitutes a “dark truth”. Upon further investigation I learned that

Mic was founded in 2011 by Chris Altchek and Jake Horowitz under the shared belief that millennials are inquisitive, have a healthy skepticism for conventional wisdom, and crave substantive news to spark interesting conversations. This sensibility informs everything we do.

Apparently that substantive news and sensibility stuff doesn’t apply to their headline writers.



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