Seven 3RD District Sheriffs Endorse Drew Ferguson

Drew Ferguson’s congressional campaign today announced that the former West Point Mayor has secured the endorsements of seven of the 3rd Congressional District’s Sheriffs. They include:

Mike Jolley – Harris County
James Woodruff – Troup County
John Darr – Muscogee County
Ross Henry – Heard County
Keith McBrayer – Henry County
Mike Yeager – Coweta County
Dan Kilgore – Upson County

There’s one that stands out: Mike Yeager of Coweta County. He happens to be the Sheriff of one Mike Crane, Ferguson’s opponent in the July runoff for this seat. A Sheriff has unique responsibilities and powers in Georgia, and is often very close to the politics of his/her community. Often, they set that tone.

They also have to work very closely with their fellow elected officials, both on their county commission and their state legislators. I know Sheriff Yeager, and know his connection to those he serves. He knows Senator Crane, and what kind of representation he has provided the citizens of Coweta County. And…Yeager has chosen Ferguson. Telling.

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