Streetcars – Yes, No, Maybe?

Atlanta Steetcar

However GDOT may be following Obama’s Syrian red line theory as their response to the 5 PM Tuesday deadline was:

Given that one-third of the deficiencies have not been addressed and no shutdown occurred at 5 PM would it not be natural to take future GDOT ultimatums as mere suggestions. Additionally it would be hard to imagine that the 41 deficiencies purportedly addressed actually required an average 61 pages of corrective action explanation. Unless you are using the Federal government strategy of “bury them in paper”, ask for a good faith extension and of course remove your threat of a shutdown in the interim.


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Will Durant
Will Durant

It takes more than 2500 pages to explain why spending $100,000,000.00 to impede traffic is really a good thing.


Who does Reed terminate on this one? He fired the fire chief and the airport guy but he can’t fire DOT or the MARTA guy so maybe he should just fire himself.


As someone who works downtown and thinks it’s a great place to go every day, the streetcar’s design as a circulator is a fatal flaw. I’m not going to take it 2 stops for lunch on Edgewood if it takes me 7 stops to get back to where I started and neither is anyone else.