Barksdale–Disappearing Chances; Disappearing Ink

Jim Barksdale seems hellbent on proving his fortunes can’t buy him a single gram of campaign competence, reportedly telling Hall County Democrats America is to blame for radical Islam and the Orlando massacre.

The GAGOP was oh-so-helpful distributing a statement with Barksdale’s quote, where he said “we are the ones that are in the wrong.” 

Oy. What is this guy thinking? Oh wait… he isn’t. Or at least that’s what the context clues of his non-existent campaign strategy suggest.

Some more context for Barksdale’s above quote: “When I say ‘America is captive’ it’s captive because of the narrative of violence and hate, and I feel like that’s part of what we need to be working on…We need to step back from the violence.”

A piece of free advice for Barksdale and Democrats: just pack it up and call this race a loss. Any energy spent on this campaign takes away from other races you could win.

But what of the disappearing ink? Well, the GAGOP wanted to show they too are inept at campaigning. The statement on their website had a white font on white background. Really helpful, guys.




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If the Democrats thought they had a serious chance against Isakson, a current officeholder would have jumped in, or maybe even more than one. But Isakson’s two 58 percent showings (2004 and 2010 respectively) were not exactly encouraging numbers in terms of encouraging a serious contestant this time. No Democratic statewide candidate came within 8 points of winning in 2014, and of course the Democratic bench basically has collapsed since the Barnes disaster of 2002—as examples, Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox engaged in a no-holds brawl to take on Sonny Perdue in 2006, and then-Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond was the… Read more »


I’ll go further and say donks won’t be competitive again until the 40% or so of Georgia outside of metro Atlanta is no longer a disaster zone, and that won’t happen until they actually try to win there. Carter and Nunn ran disappointing campaigns in 2014, ignoring big problems like jobs, education, health care, seasonal workers especially pertinent to non-metro Georgians. I don’t say success would have been easy but it’s like they didn’t even try.