How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Social Media

Social MediaThis article was going to be about the screenshot of the social media post appearing with this article. It was going to talk about how petty it is for someone to play the victim card when 50 people were butchered, and more than that injured. It was going to be about political messaging and ego versus principle… then I searched the name of the original poster.

The public posts made by this individual are full of hate and anger against Republicans, Christians, and basically anyone that does not agree with their view of the world.

Both Josh and Charlotte are what is wrong with Facebook and Social Media when it comes to personal interaction. They both use social media as an echo chamber that bolsters their preconceived notions of each other and play the victim all at the same time. They are two sides of the same rusty coin.

But, this is what social media has “helped” us evolve into. It is easier to spew hate and drivel to an audience we know will echo back our emotions, rather than create sensible dialog on subjects that affect all of us.

Could Josh have decided against posting something that no one else could see on his wall… sure, but how could he get the encouragement that he craves if he didn’t.

Could Charlotte have taken a breath and realized that RFRA didn’t have anything to do with a radicalized muslim who found a soft target… sure, but why not use a tragedy as a stepping stone for your own agenda.

There is very little that can be changed about these interactions, because they are interchangeable between conservatives and liberals. Until we get social media back to pictures of food, videos of cats, and questionable friend requests we are stuck with the never ending drivel of the “oppressed”, the “victims”, and the mentally unstable that show up here and there.


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