Prayers (And Blood) For Orlando

By now the magnitude of the tragedy that is the aftermath of an overnight terrorist attack in Orlando is becoming clear. The facts, such as they are being reported, indicate that 50 of our neighbors lost their lives overnight with another 50 wounded. On this Sunday, we begin by offering prayers.

There is also a tangible need following this “mass casualty event”. Summer is traditionally a time when blood supplies run low. The amount of blood in Orlando’s blood banks is now critically low. Tweets indicate that Orlando residents are responding in large numbers.

If you want to do something that matters right now, get off your keyboard and get in your car. Here’s a list of Red Cross Blood Donation Centers In Georgia. Someone, somewhere will be a direct beneficiary of a tangible response on our part.

There’s plenty of time to explore the political implications of this tragedy. Let’s use today for something that can actually be of tangible help.