Poll: Trump ahead considerably in Georgia, less with Gingrich

Following an earlier poll conducted by Landmark/Rosetta showing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a dead heat in Georgia, a left leaning organization has released a poll indicating Donald Trump has a 7-point lead over Hillary Clinton in the Peach State.

The current presumptive Republican nominee pulls in 45% while Hillary is showing just 38% in a match up in November. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, pulled in 6% while Green Party candidate Jill Stein showed just 2%.

The Public Policy Polling (PPP) said Wednesday, however, that should Trump choose Newt Gingrich as his running mate, his lead would dwindle to a 5 percentage point lead. The yield may come as surprise with an assumed widespread love of Gingrich.  Interestingly, the same poll showed 36% of Georgians see Gingrich unfavorably.

In terms of sheer favorability, 44% of Georgia voters see Trump favorably while 49% see him unfavorable compared to Clinton’s 33% favorably and 60% unfavorably.

Though unlikely, PPP also polled Trump against Sanders in Georgia, and Trump led by an even greater margin of 46-36 respectively.  Georgia has been a red state in Presidential elections for the last 20 years.

The survey of 724 registered voters was conducted May 27–30 via landline phones and the internet with a margin of error of 3.6 points.


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