Jody Hice Draws a Challenger

10 District Republican Rep. Jody Hice will have competition in November. After making it through the May primary without opposition, Hice will go up against Leonard Ware of Gwinnett County, according to a story in the Athens Banner Herald. Ware is a Democrat who will run as an independent. For him, a big issue is the way veterans are treated:

“I’m running because the veterans did not get their cost of living increase, even though President Obama wanted this to happen, because the Republican House of Representatives voted against it,” said Ware, whose father was a Marine.

“I really want to bring some common-sense, common-ground policy to our government,” Ware said. “The obstruction and failed policies of right-wing conservatives aren’t good for this district.”

According to Ware, Hice’s mindset is “not a good fit for constituents” in the 10th District. Ware went on to urge voters to read Hice’s book, ”A Call to Reclaim America,” to get a full understanding of the congressman’s views.

Like Hice, Ware is an ordained minister.


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