Who is Patricia “Trisha” Mc­Cracken (#GA12 Dem Candidate)?

The question of the night in GA-12 seemed to be who exactly is Patricia “Trisha” Mc­Cracken, the newly selected Democratic challenger set to face Rep. Rick Allen in GA-12 in November. McCracken defeated Joyce Nolin 62% to 38%, despite apparently not speaking to the media, putting out signs, setting up a website or Facebook page, attending events, or even having a way to be contacted. A Facebook post on my feed included several prominent Democrats in GA-12 discussing the fact that no one knew who she was.

Blog for Democracy has a post that includes a picture they claim is of Ms. McCracken, along with some interesting commentary of a singular encounter with her (not to mention some awesome comments from their readers).

Augusta Chronicle:

“Patricia ‘Trisha’ Mc­Cracken qualified to run for the seat as a Democrat. In 2010, McCracken, who hadn’t voted in Richmond Coun­ty in 10 years, ran for lieutenant governor and got a boatload of votes even though she didn’t participate in Demo­cratic Party political events, put up signs or answer calls from the media.”

The boatload of votes in 2010 amounted to 99,373 votes (30.3%) for McCracken against Carol Porter, who had 228,245 votes (69.7%).

Statesboro Herald:

“The Statesboro Herald has not heard from the other candidate who appears on the Democratic ballot. Patricia Carpenter McCracken, from Augusta, also ran for lieutenant governor in 2010. Her phone numbers on state forms from that time no longer work. A state Democratic Party contact could not reach her, and Nolin said McCracken has not appeared at party events in their home area.”


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