“Anybody but …….”

Some years ago the battle cry “was thrown out all the incumbents” which I thought was akin to taking a chain saw to a problem that required pruning. Were there and are there still incumbents that need replacing – absolutely. But it seems to me that politics is the only profession where experience is a negative.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger “throw out all the incumbents” morphed into “anybody but (fill in the your target)”. Nowhere was this more clear than the GOP Primary in GA-9. “Anybody but Collins” appeared in newspaper and radio ads, bumper stickers and clothing apparel.

While the 1st amendment guarantees everyone the right to express their opinion, I always thought that supporting the candidate of your choice was a more thoughtful approach than either “throw the bums out” or “anybody but…” Apparently so did 71% of the Republican voters in Union County and 61% across the 9th Congressional District.


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