**Open Thread: GA’s 2016 Primary (A Most Wonderful Time of the Year)**

The time has drawn nigh for the closing of the polls across Georgia. It is time for political geeks and nerds to get excited about the results that will most definitely be painstakingly slow in coming in. Browsers will be refreshed. Races will be predicted and called all across Twitter and Facebook by numerous political pundits that will undeniably (to them) reflect their genius. Movers and shakers will groan and/or celebrate. Political consultants will be calling looking for their next candidate or possibly adding another victorious name on their website.

Take this opportunity to discuss, chatter, predict, etc. as the results gloriously roll in. (And be nice.)

You can see the results of the races on the Secretary of State’s website.

To see local election results in each County, use this link. (There is an alphabetical list under the map if you haven’t brushed up on GA geography.)

Updates can be seen after the break.

EARLY RESULTS (8:30 p.m.)

Sen. Johnny Isakson, PSC Commissioner Tim Echols, Rep. Austin Scott (GA-8), Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9), Rep. Barry Loudermilk (GA-11), Rep. Rick Allen (GA-12), and Rep. Tom Graves (GA-14) take large leads in their contested primaries.


There seems to be a few incumbents being challenged in close elections for the next term under the Gold Dome: Brandon Beach (Sen – 21), Bruce Broadrick, Sr. (H-4), Tom Dickson (H-6), Howard Maxwell (H-17), John Yates (H-73), Greg Morris (H-156)


Incumbents: Sen. Johnny Isakson, PSC Commissioner Tim Echols, Rep. Austin Scott (GA-8), Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9), Rep. Barry Loudermilk (GA-11), Rep. Rick Allen (GA-12), and Rep. Tom Graves (GA-14).

Non-Incumbents To Face Incumbent in Nov.: GA-2 GOP – Greg Duke, GA-12 Dem. – Patricia McCracken


  1. The following House incumbents may go to a runoff – Tom Dickson (H-6), John Yates (H-73). The rest of the incumbents seem safe.
  2. Three people are in contention for GA-3 on the GOP side – Drew Ferguson, Mike Crane, and Jim Pace. The rest are far behind.
  3. Blake Tillery seems to have taken a commanding lead to replace Sen. Tommie Williams in Senate District 19
  4. Former State Rep. Lee Anderson seems to be headed to a runoff in Senate District 24 to replace Sen. Bill Jackson. Too close to see who he will face.

10:45 P.M.

  1. It looks like Mike Crane and Drew Ferguson will face off in the GA-3 GOP runoff. The GA-3 Dem race is tied at 5,812 votes each.

10:51 P.M.

  1. Lee Anderson appears to be headed to a runoff against Joe Edge in Senate District 24 to replace Sen. Bill Jackson.
  2.  Angela Pendley and Tamarkus Cook are still neck and neck in the GA-3 Dem race, with Pendley up by 17 votes.
  3. HD-80 has turned out to be a very close race between Catherine Bernard, Alan Cole, and Meagan Hanson.
  4. The Hat (a.k.a. Jim Barksdale) is at 53.52% with 144 of 159 counties reporting. It looks like he will face Sen. Isakson in November.

11:12 P.M.

  1. Bert Guy, Longtime GAGOP Office Holder and Activist, wins seat to Superior Court in the Brunswick District
  2. Cobb County Commission Chairman Tim Lee (40.60%) in a possible run off against Mike Boyce (48.84%)

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The Eiger
The Eiger

I cannot tell you how much it excites me to see Broun being crushed by Doug Collins. What does Broun run for next? I bet he thinks he can be governor after this.


Governor?! Too small. I bet he’s thinking Savior.

The Eiger
The Eiger

Of course. I was thinking way too small.


Walker County Republicans choose Shannon Whitfield over Mike Peardon to face incumbent Republican-turned-Independent Commissioner Bebe Heiskell in November and heavily in favor (75% to 25%) of a multi-member commission vs. sole commission.

Will Durant
Will Durant

Memo to future candidates: If there are no incumbents in the race change your last name to Aardvark.

Or I suppose you could keep your existing last name and legally append (I)


Hey y’all. I’m bummed over the District 24 Senate GOP results thus far. I was pulling for Pete Gibbons. My folks live in Elberton.

Will Durant
Will Durant

What’s going on in Stewart County?