5 PM Update: In Gwinnett, Early Vote Totals Appear Low

5 PM Vote Update: Each of the monitored precincts have fewer votes than they did at 2 PM in 2014. The two precincts without the open House race are the furthest behind 2014 results. While I was driving around, I heard Sandra Parrish of WSB Radio saying that fewer than 50,000 votes had been cast in Gwinnett County as of 4 PM. Moral of the story? Go ahead and get to your polling place if you haven’t already, because your vote will mean a lot more with so few voting.

Original Post, with updated spreadsheet
Two years ago, I collected interim vote totals from half a dozen precincts near my Gwinnett County home. You can see them here. For this year, I’m doing the same thing with the same precincts. I got the results as of 11 AM, and by any measure, turnout is low. The percent column shows the percentage of the total 2014 vote at that precinct.

Num Precinct Facility 2 PM
11 AM
Pct. 3 PM
Pct 5 PM
 014    Garners A   Mountain Park Depot 329 695 105 15.1% 215 30.9% 259 37.3%
 029    Cates B   Five Forks Library 150 320 47 14.7% 100 31.3% 134 41.9%
 032    Berkshire D   New Mercies Christian Church 211 418 55 13.2% 140 33.5% 206 49.3%
 079    Cates K   Gwinnett Community Chuch 188 371 40 10.8% 78 21.0% 122 32.9%
 112    Berkshire N   Mountain Park Activity Center 313 646 85 13.2% 211 32.7% 264 40.9%
 127    Lawrenceville J Grafted Church 69 180 24 13.3% 50 27.8% 61 33.9%

Two years ago, we had the contested U.S. Senate and governor’s races. Locally, most of these precincts were voting on the three way race for Don Balfour’s state senate seat. This year, the stakes are nowhere near as high, although all these precincts, except for 79 and 127 have a contested state house seat to replace BJay Pak.

Make of it what you will, and if you have any anecdotal evidence from your area, post it in the comments. I’ll try to do an update later this afternoon.

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My precinct has three contested races on the Republican ballot (Senate, Sheriff, PSC) and only one contested race on the Democrat ballot (Senate) (plus the judges — who keeps track of the judges???)

I’ll go vote here in a little while but I certainly understand why it isn’t seen as a “must do” thing for folks. I assume the incumbents are going to win all the Republican contested races and the winner of the Democrat Senate primary is inconsequential because Isakson is going to win in November regardless.