On Renegades and Outsiders

On Monday, Bill Kristol announced The Renegade Party as an alternative for those on the #NeverTrump / #NeverHillary bandwagon who want to find an alternative candidate for president. (Perhaps Kristol got the name for his new project from this). As with virtually everything these days, there’s a matching Twitter account, which boasts over 3,000 followers in three days.

The account follows 19 people. It’s an interesting list. Some are people you might expect. John Kasich, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse are all people who could be considered candidates for a presidential run. There are also conservative luminaries, including Arthur Brooks, Jim DeMint, Samuel Alito, and Krystol himself


Also on the list is Senator David Perdue. And the account that’s followed isn’t Perdue’s official Senate account, it’s his campaign account, with the tag, “Conservative #Outsider working to change Washington.” Anyone care to speculate on the meaning of this?


H/T Conrad Close


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