The New Kid in Town

Rob Oldham checking in. Right now, they call me intern. Really though, I’m just your average white upper middle class suburbanite. I always pick a 45-minute car ride over MARTA, my mom did my laundry throughout college, and I vote a straight Republican ticket except when I’m feeling guilty.

Born on the mean streets of Gwinnett County, my parents soon relocated to Cumming, Georgia where there are rich people, artificial lakes, and chicken farms. 17 years later, I relocated myself to the University of Georgia, the place where suburbanites go between their wealthy upbringing and getting married. During my junior, I interned for Senator Johnny Isakson in Washington and for the Georgia Senate Republican Caucus in Atlanta. I am now back in Athens and hoping for a school year that is less heavy on my heart than the last one.

In my personal life, I enjoy jogging and getting lost in the woods. In my political life, I enjoy thinking about the deferred $50,000 tax that each of us owes (AKA the federal debt), pondering why a TV character is the presidential nominee for a major political party, and debating whether John Adams had it right when he said, “democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.”

I am thrilled to be working for GeorgiaPol. I have quit many things in my life (mostly due to quixotic moral crusades), but I have yet to withdraw from politics or the Republican Party. That means something. I think. Regardless, I’m here to stay for a while, so buckle up. My viewpoints range from unpopular to irrational. I am frequently incorrect, but usually not wrong. Take that as you will and call me on my bull. Cause it’s coming whether you like it or not.


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