Faith Leaders Respond to Statements by Governor Deal and AG Olens

Leaders of Georgia faith-based organizations, including the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, the Concerned Women of America, and the Faith & Freedom Coalition of Georgia responded to statements made yesterday by Governor Nathan Deal and Attorney General Sam Olens regarding the federal Department of Education’s guidance on bathroom use by transgender students. The response, while supportive of the statements by the governor and attorney general, asks for additional action:

We would also like to see Governor Deal boldly join Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas in pushing back against this social-engineering project of President Obama’s. Rather than simply handing off the issue to State Superintendent Richard Woods and local school systems, we expect Governor Deal to put the full weight of his office against this federal overreach. While we trust Superintendent Woods to do the right thing, and while it is true that policy about transgender accommodations can certainly be handled by local schools, the Governor should also encourage local school systems to defy the directive. The Governor has freely exercised his influence over education matters such as standards, assessments, and so-called “failing schools”; he should do the same on an issue that is so fundamental to student privacy and safety.

The response also urges Attorney General Olens to join the lawsuit filed by North Carolina in opposition to the federal government’s threat to withhold funding to schools if the provisions of that state’s House Bill 2 are enforced. It encourages local school systems to defy the federal guidance, and it urges the legislature to take action to protect Peach State students.

The full text of the response is below the fold.


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