Speaker Ryan Praises Loudermilk, Provides Path To Work With Trump

LoudermilkRyan1Yesterday while on a trip to Washington I was able to attend a meeting with Paul Ryan, my Congressman Barry Loudermilk, and a group of Loudermilk’s supporters.

Speaker Ryan praised Loudermilk as a “do-er”, and noted that he was one of the top freshmen in this Congressional Class, by passing three bills. Loudermilk noted that the success was largely due to a return to “regular order”, where even members of the Freedom Caucus can work within the committee system to produce and pass legislation with a bottom-up approach.

Ryan remarked on the agenda that he expects to frame going forward, noting that there needs to be a Congressional check on Executive branch regulation. He noted that more than half of the states have a process where legislation that created regulation authority requires those regulations to be returned to the legislature for approval before implementation. He sees this as a path to regain control from unelected regulators in various agencies who now create their own laws with little check or oversight.

As for his working relationship with prospective nominee Donald Trump, the Speaker noted that he wants the GOP to have tangible, specific agenda items to demonstrate conservative governance, and he would be hoping to frame a campaign that is based on specifics and issues rooted in conservatism.


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