Georgian to serve as Clinton’s D.C. Political Director

According to the Washington Post, Georgia native Richard McDaniel has just been named as Secretary Clinton’s Political Director for the upcoming D.C. Primary which will take place on June 14th.

The hiring of McDaniel is a sign that Clinton looks to run the numbers up in the African American community, as she did in the South under his direction. McDaniel served as Southern Political Director for the campaign, and as State Director in Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Connecticut. He’s helped her usher in some the campaign’s largest wins to date.

While McDaniel’s 5-0 primary record is nothing to scoff at, he also has an in-depth knowledge Georgia’s political landscape. He served as Michelle Nunn’s and the Democratic Party’s Political Director. And, given recent polling showing Clinton could be competitive in Georgia come November, McDaniel’s hiring might just signal an investment past June 14th.

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ONE of the few things rabid Christian fundie GOPhers and I have in common is a burning desire to see her do the perp shuffle wearing with shiny new arm and ankle bracelets.

The Clinton Foundation is de facto organized crime. She supports a country responsible for both 9-11 and Benghazi (Saudi Kingdom).

That a Koch is supporting her over Trump should tell you who the only Republican in the race is, and that is Hillary Clinton. There is nothing ‘liberal’ about that Center-Right Corporatist.