Vice President Open Thread – Pick One

It’s early, but Ted Cruz apparently needs a game changer. (Youbetcha!). So he’s going to name Carly Fiorina as his running mate at 4PM today if the twittersphere is correct. So…there’s that.

A friend of mine posted the question on Facebook yesterday of “Who should Trump’s nominee be? (Real or Fictional)” I like the question. Real – for those of us that can’t stomach Trump, is there anyone out there that would make you say “OK, because ______ is on the ticket….”? Fictional: If we’re all going to be in on the joke that Trump is the likely GOP nominee, then have some fun with it. Who can make this the best comedy team possible as we sit back and watch the party, and maybe the world, burn?

Dems, y’all want in on the fun? Do the same for Bernie and Hillary?

Heck, pick a running mate for Kasich. Rubio (since he has more delegates than Kasich – STILL)? How about Ryan? Romney? Dems….Biden? (come on. you’ve heard the conspiracy theories too.)

Have some fun with it. I’ll be back later to check your work.


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