Congressman Collins versus Windstream

According to a recent press release from 9th District Congressman Doug Collin’s office, there is continual pressure  on Windstream to follow through on federally funded upgrades to their internet service in Northeast Georgia.

Today, Congressman Doug Collins sent a letter to Windstream CEO Tony Thomas to follow up on previous concerns and emphasize the growing number of complaints from Windstream customers in Northeast Georgia. Congressman Collins has been actively working to hold Windstream accountable since coming to Congress, and has repeatedly requested answers and demanded better service on behalf of his constituents.

There is some evidence that the pressure is working as I was paying for 10 mbps service and regularly receiving less than 3 mbps. Once Rep. Collins got involved I received an unsolicited call from Windstream advising that 25 mbps service was now available and at no more cost. After a technician’s visit, I receive 18-21 mbps during working hours with 25 mbps in the middle of the night.

Congressman Collins went on to say,

“The Customer Service employees Windstream has on the front lines are well aware that they are working with an insufficient product, and they do their best to help customers, but the real problems are clearly with the infrastructure. There is a distinct possibility that the networks are over capacity, and utilize outdated technology. Because Windstream has preferred tax status from the IRS, and has accepted taxpayer money from the Connect America Fund, they need to be held accountable to Congress and Northeast Georgians.”

While some Congressional Representatives are not responsive to their constituents, that certainly isn’t the case in Georgia’s 9th Congressional District. Read the complete press release.


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