Self identifying as a penguin

An apparent inspiring contributor to The Onion has flummoxed administrators in the Gwinnett County School System by self-identifying as a penguin.

“I identify as a penguin, and this is me as a penguin,” he argued. “This isn’t a hood, this is my penguin head. You can’t tell me not to be a penguin.”
“I feel like I’m being singled out against everyone else, because other people are allowed to wear their head gear, and this is just me expressing who I am,” Penguin Boy said. “I feel like you guys are trying to discriminate against people who identify as different species.”
Not being satisfied simply wearing his penguin costume in the classroom, the student took it a step further by expanding his case into today’s debate over bathroom usage.
According to Samantha at Empty Lighthouse Magazine,
This kid did a genius job, and even got to the point where he asked if he could go outside to use the bathroom in order to feel more like a penguin. “Can we put a tree in the bathroom, or maybe like, the clinic bathroom?”
See the video and the complete story at Empty Lighthouse Magazine

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