Super Bowl Tax Exemption

Yesterday Governor Deal signed the legislation that gives the NFL tax exempt ticket sales on a potential Super Bowl in Atlanta in 2019 or 2020. Miami, Taampa and New Orleans are also in the running.

As expected, legislators and others opposing the measure decried the action as a tax giveaway and/or corporate welfare. According to an Associated Press report:

The state is expected to forgo $10 million in sales taxes on game tickets. The law gives the same exemption on tickets to other sporting events expected to generate at least $50 million in other revenue.

Which begs two questions:

  1. If the tax exemption is an NFL requirement of awarding the Super Bowl how can the state “forego” something they would not have unless there is an exemption?
  2. Additionally who wouldn’t invest $1 to earn $5?

Not being a legislator or a financial expect I must have missed something here. So realizing that our readers are smarter than this writer can someone enlighten me?


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