Morning Reads for Wednesday, 4/20

Because I can’t responsibly post the video for Love Again, here’s an entirely random Ray Charles song. You kids enjoy yourselves.

– In one of the toughest districts in Georgia, State Rep. Gerald Greene’s only opponent was disqualified for living out of the district
– Jesup won’t be a landfill any longer. Read why in The Bitter Southerner
– A campaign event for Majority Leader Burns with the Speaker in attendance drew protests against campus carry. Sorry, y’all, that’s the price of the RFRA veto
– Kyle Korver fell asleep and woke up to see the Hawks win a second playoff game
– The Powers That Be hope to re-shape Georgia’s economy as an export-driven state. (Has anyone coined “Dixie Deutschland” yet?)
– Leonard Floyd does everything well, but can he do anything exceptionally?
– The scariest moment in the life of a politician is delivering the first pitch; there is the possibility of life-long shame, as fans of House of Cards will attest. Blogger emeritus Buzz Brockway handled it with grace

There Be Dragons
– Why do Americans these days scare so easy?
– Demonstrating both the blistering rage of the white working class and the timid incrementalism of minority voters, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won another Deep South primary in New York
– Trump won everywhere except, uh, his home, drawing only 23 votes from Trump Tower to Kasich’s 13, indicating his personal ability to politically organize is inferior to most fraternity presidents
– The 4th Circuit overturned a school board bathroom policy that discriminated against trasngender students, as dozens of sweaty, politically-ambitious Republicans woke up screaming “NO COMMENT”
– Jamelle Bouie: Republicans aren’t racist, we’re equally indifferent to the sufferings of all people.
– Kevin Williamson is his usual delightful, deranged self

I’ll leave you with this:


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