Poll: Clinton Set to Win in Georgia

A poll taken in early April by the Democratic consulting firm Lake Research Partners shows Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump in Georgia, 50% to 37%. Clinton is slightly less strong against Ted Cruz, but still leads 47% to 40%. The poll of 400 likely voters was conducted with live interviewers, and has a margin of error of 4.9%. It also found that Georgians were split on Clinton’s favorability, with 49% viewing her favorably and 48% viewing her unfavorably. They were much more negative about Donald Trump. 64% viewed him unfavorably, more than twice the percentage with a positive favorability of 31%. 50% of those polled had an unfavorable view of Ted Cruz, while 36% looked at him positively.

In addition to polling the standard horse race questions on the candidates, pollsters also looked at the issues important to Peach State voters. From the polling memo:

Georgia voters are also highly supportive of a progressive economic issue agenda for the next president. More than seven-in-ten voters (72% rate ‘10’ on a scale from 0-10) believe protecting Social Security and Medicare benefits is extremely important for the next president. This crosses all party lines and is an extremely important priority for Democrats (78%), independents (69%), and Republicans (68%). Georgia voters also want the next president to focus on tough enforcement of equal pay for women (53% rate ‘10’) and closing corporate tax loopholes and making the wealthy, big corporations pay their fair share (48% rate ‘10’).

The pollsters say that a majority of Georgians would vote for a candidate who supports the progressive agenda listed above, including 61% of Republicans.

THe polling memo provided no information on the demographic breakdown of those polled, so it’s impossible to tell what the assumed November turnout would be. And, one would assume that once the Republicans settle on a candidate, that candidate would be able to consolidate support following a fractured primary season. Still, if these poll results are anywhere near accurate, Georgia is well on the way to turning purple, if not blue.


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