IT’S ED’S BIRTHDAY!!!!1!!1!1!!!1!!!1!

Today is the birthday of our original Millennial contributor, Ed. No one loves attention, or his own birthday, as much as Ed. He starts planning his birthday festivities three years in advance. Usually the plans don’t quite come together, but…Ed.

Ed also loves music. He’s also a bit left leaning. He doesn’t fear socialism nor does he pay attention to the fact that Canada is trying to passively aggressively kill our country by exporting a teen pop star to us every five years in order to destroy our country. He’s instead more concerned about glaciers that Al Gore promised us would have already been gone five years ago and thus should no longer be a worry at this stage of his life.

So with that, I hope everyone will wish Ed an appropriate (or inappropriate) birthday wish to Ed, with the full understanding that ignorance of Canadian pop stars will eventually kill us all, and that Huckabee has won his last primary.

Happy birthday Ed.


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