WGST GeorgiaPol Radio – Surprise Thursday Edition

Since y’all missed us so much last week (and since Sully is doing a remote with his show tomorrow) we’re going to call an audible and do our audible radio show a day early. Hey, that’s today!

At noon Jon Richards and I will start the transition from the legislative session to campaign season, and start to look forward more than back. Got a few Congressional Campaigns that are already…”fun”.

At 12:15 George Chidi will talk about his four part series on DeKalb politics that should be required reading for anyone in our sphere of stakeholders.

In the second half hour, we’ll see if Jon brought his own chalk to Emory last evening, and probably talk some Presidential Politics as the Georgia GOP prepares to elect the first of its slate of delegates this Saturday.

Tune in at noon on 640AM for that (probably), or you can listen live right here.

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John Vestal
John Vestal
4 years ago

Where’s Calypso?

Guess I’ll try to match his ability to EXCEL at picking this week’s secret word and throw out “concatenation”.

John Vestal
John Vestal
4 years ago
Reply to  Charlie

Thank you. And I say that not having yet been able to listen to the entire hour (pending Nathan’s posting of the segment files) due to having a VP who was unaware of the STE™ and called a 12:30 meeting.

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