GeorgiaPol Radio – Episode 12 for April 1, 2016: April Fools Edition

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. This year, not so much. The final week of the month brought the veto of House Bill 757, and curiosity over whether he will sign other bills that passed the legislature. Charlie, Stefan and Jon took over the Sully show microphones at WGST on Friday to talk about this, along with bills that didn’t make it and the fallout from them.

Here’s your roundup:

Segment 1: Charlie and Jon discuss the fallout from Governor Deal’s veto of the religious liberty bill, and what it means going forward. Does the veto signal a split between the party base and the business community? Stefan weighs in on what a split in the might mean for the Democrats chances moving forward.

Segment 2: One of the bills that didn’t make it for a vote before Sine Die was what is known as the Brunch Bill, that would have allowed restaurants to serve alcohol earlier than 12:30 on Sunday mornings. Failure to pass the bill brought about calls for a boycott of the Peach State by the Episcopal Church, which has threatened to move to Florida. In this segment, Charlie talks to special guest and spokesperson for the Episcopalians, Wanda Morales.

Segment 3: An effort sponsored by Rep. Trey Kelley to get the Bearded Dragon recognized as a service assistance animal came to naught as the gavels banged Sine Die in the House and Senate. Charlie, Stefan and Jon talked with GeorgiaPol contributor Will Kremer, who suffers from the anxiety attacks that bearded dragons can help alleviate about how the early progress of the bill got stymied by the religious liberty bill, local legislation, and questions over whether bearded dragons are natural born citizens.

Segment 4: Charlie. Jon and Stefan talk about whether Governor Deal will sign the Campus Carry bill. that led to a discussion of the governor’s veto of the religious liberty bill, despite his being a Baptist who still teaches Sunday School

That’s it for this week GeorgiaPol radio episode. We are thankful to Rich Sullivan and the rest of the WGST gang for letting us take over the microphones for another week. This week is spring break for many, including the GeorgiaPol radio crew. As a result, we won’t be on this Friday. Instead, Sully will be doing a live remote from the Whitehall Tavern to publice their Brew Masters event. You

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