Common Sense on Campus

Over the last few weeks the press, political commentators and comedians have had a field day with the fragile college students frightened and offended by some sidewalk chalk support for Donald Trump. Just when we thought Emory University was an enclave of marginalized, frightened and offended students along comes a ray of sunshine in for form of Tyler Zelinger, a junior at Emory, and his commentary at

I would like to start this discussion by making two statements. First, I am unequivocally opposed to a Donald Trump presidency, as I believe there are few things that could possibly be more detrimental to American society than electing such an intolerant demagogue into our nation’s highest office. Second, one of those few things more dangerous than a Trump presidency is the institutional stifling of free speech.

The entire article is worth a read but it did, at least for me, raise another question that I would love someone like Tyler Zelinger to explain. How can any student attending a top 25 university like Emory and receiving an education valued at almost $60K per year be marginalized ?

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4 years ago

They obviously have the right to their free speech, the same as The Chalkers. They can be marginalized because they sounded like candy a$$ed weenies. They made all of the news outlets and were a true embarrassment to our state.

4 years ago

The marginalization comes from students who elected to go to school with a very large white population from the Northeast who did not make it into Penn, Yale, Harvard, etc. It really is an odd school when you think about it. Emory has been trying to end it’s “Ivy backup” reputation for as long as I can remember. Now imagine you are from an underprivileged background and you decided to go to school with a bunch of snobs? See, there is a difference in having family money and then having scholarships which pay for the tuition. Wager gave a very… Read more »

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