Morning Reads — Wednesday, March 23

In honor of the bleary, bargaining creatures many of you have become after 39 days of session, here’s the darkest hit song ever created by 19-year-olds

– Ignore all the rhetoric, this is what the conclusion of the three year battle over religious liberty will actually change. It’s a sad day when the GOP is fighting against local control
– In improbable news, “growing Gay Belt” is something besides your uncle’s favorite punchline
– Shock poll: the coastal islands are the happiest place in Georgia 
Well not everyone
– I’m sure HOA’s in Cobb County will be completely reasonable dealing with backyard poultry production

There Be Dragons
– On the ground in Brussels, a city divided
– I’ve always argued we should do a better job rationally assessing terror threats and the low likelihood any of us will be killed in an attack. Then I see this and completely lose my mind
Garland’s the best we’re going to get, writes George Will. Don’t count on *breaks into flop sweat* President Trump
– But the General Assembly’s House Judiciary Committee passed a strongly worded resolution against confirmation. Rest easy, y’all
How can we maintain anonymity in the age of self-driving cars?
– Congressman David Scott makes a surprising announcement timed with AIPAC’s Policy Conference
– Just, uh, just read this. On federal employees, masters of their domain


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