Gurtler hard at work in House District 8

One of the four qualified candidates in House District 8 is a principled young man from the Tiger area in Rabun County. I had an opportunity to sit down with him to discuss his candidacy and came away with the thought that he may not win but he will not be outworked by his opponents in the highly contested race,

For a little background here is an excerpt from his Facebook page.

I got involved in politics in 2007 when I was a freshman at University of North Georgia because I saw so many problems with the Federal government in Washington. This led me to volunteering on presidential campaigns and getting involved in grassroots activism throughout college. Soon I realized I could make more of an impact at the State and Local level. Eventually this led me to take a Legislative Aide position with Representative Stephen Allison (HD-8) after I graduated.

I never imagined in 2007 that my passion to preserve our principles of limited government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility would lead me to run for State Representative. I take Thomas Jefferson’s quote to heart when he said “That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.” This mindset is what I am trying to bring back to our Republic.

Just around the time I think that our country is going to hell in a hat basket along comes a refreshing young man like Matt Gurtler who restores my optimism in the future. So win or lose, it is refreshing to see our younger generation stepping out to make a difference on the political scene. For more information on Matt Gurtler


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