Morning Reads for March 16

Love is a myth. There’s only a desperation tearing you apart from the inside out, and Arby’s.

– Georgia taxpayers will get the Super Bowl we already bought! It’s gross, but it’s right.
– While we were watching the fireworks, did MARTA expansion get one last shot?
No movement on the rape kit bill. Senator Unterman didn’t think of it herself.
GUNS EVERYWHERE (Actually that sounds fine)
-I can’t say this enough: Savannah readers, Baywatch needs you.
– Representative Peake will take his medical cannabis bill to the wire but will take what he can get. This is what both principled and practical leadership looks like
– It’s hot
– Coach Kirby Smart opened spring practice with abundant energy, according to players, even if he kinda looks like an egg

Lesser Places
– At 11 AM today, President Obama will unveil his Supreme Court nominee. Conventional wisdom predicts Sri Srinivasan; preview him here
– UPDATE: Conventional wisdom is dumb and so am I. It’s Merick Garland. Here’s who he is.
– Given last night’s results (ugh, results here) isn’t it about time for Senator McConnell to make a deal?
– Good news, we didn’t lose anyone in Libya!
– If you haven’t had time to read The Obama Doctrine, get to it. The president’s foreign policy isn’t fully liberal or conservative, but is based on a Hegelian certainty that history belongs to the just.
How the South was won
– NFL executive has the audacity to admit truth, science
– In unrelated news, here’s a report on humanity’s effect on the climate since the 30s
Young Thug as both the Pimp and the Poet
– Ta-Nehisi Coates on Nina Simone here; you might enjoy the recently released Simone documentary on Netflix and you’ll certainly enjoy this


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